Puma Smash Vulc 20210904

I came here to evaluate them after wearing them specially. At first, I was worried, but the logistics arrived soon. I felt it was genuine. I found this store to buy it from. I bought it in a small size. It’s very comfortable on the upper foot. The workmanship is very meticulous. The quality is good. I don’t grind my feet at all. This pair of shoes is very versatile, beautiful with pants and shoes. It’s also very nice to wear in this season. I really like it. I want it. I’ll recognize this store in the future. I believe it’s genuine.

I feel that the size is a little bit big, but I feel comfortable wearing 38. The sole is very soft. It’s a little hot to wear now, but I still like pink. I like this shoe all the time, but I’m afraid it won’t look good. I just bought 618. I don’t think it’s big. I like to buy it back later. The quality looks good now

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