Air Jordan 1 20210904

Is it green Maybe I like it. GM BP. Vengetice ♀ Champion AJ1

The gifts for my friends’ birthday were sent directly. Although there was a little episode in the way, it was good that the goods were delivered very quickly. There was no delay in one minute after shooting. The goods were delivered directly and the logistics was also very fast. The larger cities in Nanchang arrived in three days. It was too fast. My friends liked them very much. I sent them pictures to me when I put them on. All my friends said they would like to buy them. Let’s see the picture above, Usually friends wear size 44 is just right, but it’s no big deal. It’s suggested that you take more than half a size when shooting. No matter whether it’s good or bad, my friends are happy and I’m happy. The seller is very good, very responsible and trustworthy. Hope the seller’s business is booming!

Air Jordan 1

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