Nike Air Max 90 20210808

It’s been 9 years since max90 was recommended by a friend online for the first time!! And the domestic counter to buy is not the same, mainly foot feel and workmanship is not the same, well, or believe your home is authentic, may be the overseas version of it! Maybe the factory is not the same as the domestic counter supplier. Not very comfortable to wear. Because the old model can’t find this color, it doesn’t return! Compared with the old ones, the new shoes bought in the domestic counter are slightly fake

Quick shaving doesn’t have to be said. It’s fast. The first day is only two and a half days. The delivery man delivered it early in the morning. The quality of the shoes is very good. There is no need to say about the style and workmanship. It’s worth buying. It seems that the shoes are a little bigger than the normal shoes. When you buy them, it should be just the right size.

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