Vans Classic Slip-on 20210807

Hee hee, I love it. I’ve wanted to buy checkerboard for a long time. I finally feel great to start with. I am a slender foot, CONVERSE is just 39, this 39 is a little big and wide, but it is not the same as OK walking. It is just right to buy the sausage socks. The bird is eager to try to hee and return to the feet. The mobile phone is straight out of the original picture without p.

When you buy, you can refer to the advice given by the customer service: “most of the shoes in our shop are vulcanized shoes. In the production process of vulcanized shoes, it is not glue that makes the upper and sole combine, but three layers of rubber binding. After high temperature vulcanization, the upper and waffle sole are bonded together to form a whole. It is a normal phenomenon that there is slight crack in the forefoot of shoes, which is the inevitable result of vulcanization process. It is recommended to avoid wearing in rainy days and reduce washing times. “

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